What's your favourite animal?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hey today there was a cow in our garden, if I did not see it we could of had it in there for more then an hour because the farmers were just about to go out. So the cow was just eaten apples and then it decided to go onto the vegtable patch and mum went out to get her off but she had all ready got back into the field as she had pushed her way through a hedge but the farmers still put more fencing up so we should be cow free.


  1. When i first arrived in Switzerland i loved listening to the bells ringing on the necks of the cows. When we moved to a house near a field of cows the early morning bell ringing woke me up even before Elin did! Over here the cows spend the summer in the mountains and walk back down totheir farms for the winter, in October. Everyone comes out to see them parade, with the most important 'queen cow' from each herd decorated with lots of flowers. They leave a lot of poo on the roads!
    I hope you are still cow-free!

  2. Last time I checked, boring people have trampolines in their back garden, maybe the odd shed. You appear to have Highland Cattle!

    How cool is that????