What's your favourite animal?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hi this blog is going to be about my two fave pets.lets get started I have a pet guinea pig called bumble He is 6 months old he looks like a bumble bee(hint in name) he also has a brother called Carlos. I loan a horse called skunky and he is 10-11 years old and is 13.3 hands. right, today I was off school after having a sore throat and a cough so I decided to spend the day with my pig. my mum brought him into the house and I gave him some cucumber which he demolished in seconds (he is pretty fat) mum then put him back in his hutch while I watched tv. She then nipped out to m&s to get some lasagna. Now I'm going to tell some info about my pets: Bumble bee: Animal:guinea pig Breed: teddy bear Born:26/3/13 Skunky: Animal:horse Breed:welsh cob Born:unknown Thank you for reading it and please leave a comment at the bottom.

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